šŸŒ± This W3C Community Group started incubating work in 2018 for a possible Web Neural Network API, in response to encouraging feedback from a TPAC breakout session. Starting October 2018, this Community Group identified key use cases working with diverse participants including major browser vendors, key ML JS frameworks, interested hardware vendors, web developers, and started drafting the Web Neural Network API specification.

šŸš€ Following the two-year incubation period in this Community Group, the W3C has launched the Web Machine Learning Working Group to standardize the Web Neural Network API, now graduating from its incubation stage. This Community Group continues its incubation function for new machine learning capabilities working in parallel with the newly formed Working Group, similarly to e.g. W3Cā€™s WebAssembly and WebGPU efforts.

šŸ‘ Huge thanks to all the W3C Community Group and W3C workshop participants for their contributions that have helped shape this work, and W3C for providing a venue to advance this cross-industry effort toward wide adoption.

šŸ“¢ Please join the Working Group and read more about our journey and what lies ahead of us here or from the W3C blog post.

Anssi Kostiainen
Web Machine Learning Community Group Chair