WebNN Samples

continuously update based on WebNN spec

WebNN Code Editor

Evaluate, review and modify WebNN sample codes interactively in web browser.

Image Classfication

Classifying the major object in the image into a set of pre-defined classes.

Handwritten Digits Classification

Use LeNet to classify handwritten digits from the clasic MNIST example data set.

Fast Style Transfer

Applying the STARRY NIGHT and other painting styles of Van Gogh to your image.

Noise Suppression (NSNet2)

A NSNet2 baseline implementation of deep learning-based noise suppression.

Noise Suppression (RNNoise)

An RNNoise baseline implementation of deep learning-based noise suppression.

Object Detection

Detecting instances of semantic objects of a certain class in digital images and videos.

Semantic Segmentation

Partitioning image into semantically meaningful parts to classify each part into pre-determined class.

Facial Landmark Detection

Detecting facial landmarks like eyes, nose, mouth, etc., which can be used for web-based try-on simulator of online store.

Face Recognition

Detecting faces of participants using object detection and checking whether each face was present or not.