Accelerating deep neural networks on the web

A new web standard that allows web apps and frameworks to accelerate deep neural networks with on-device hardware such as GPUs, CPUs, or purpose-built AI accelerators.

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Combining the best of both worlds

by taking advantage of performant numerical computation capabilities and the reach of the web

Low Latency
In-browser inference enables novel use cases with local media sources.
Privacy Preserving
User data stays on-device and preserves user-privacy.
High Availability
No reliance on the network after initial asset caching for offline case.
Low Cost
Computing on client devices means no server farms needed.
  • Take advantage of the native OS services for machine learning
  • Get capabilities from the underlying hardware innovations
  • Implement consistent, efficient, and reliable AI experiences on the web
  • Benefit web applications and frameworks including ONNX Runtime Web, TensorFlow.js

Web Machine Learning Working Group Launch


Ping Yu
Ping Yu
TLM for TensorFlow.js at Google

Having access to the native ML accelerators, machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow.js can greatly improve model execution efficiency and truly democratize ML for web developers.
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Ningxin Hu
Ningxin Hu
Principal Engineer, WPE at Intel

The early empirical results from the Web Neural Network API implementations demonstrate tremendous power & performance improvements of the Web AI workloads. Through access to the full native AI capabilities of the modern heterogeneous hardware, the Web Neural Network API enables a whole new transformative class of intelligent user experiences on the Open Web Platform across a variety of hardware, software, and device types.
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Chai Chaoweeraprasit
Chai Chaoweeraprasit
PE Lead, MLCP at Microsoft

The Web Neural Network API is a very important step toward the future of the Intelligent Web where AI is infused into the user’s daily web experiences. With the current advances and the pace of innovations in the AI hardware landscape, it’ll help connect those experiences from the clouds and make them personal to the users through seamless native hardware performance on the edge devices across the entire web. That’s the future worth dreaming about!
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